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  1. Long overcoat with eco-horsehide lapels

    Special Price CA$508.20 Regular Price CA$726.00
  2. Long dress with petticoat

    Special Price CA$268.10 Regular Price CA$383.00
  3. Long-sleeved jacket imitation horsehide

    Special Price CA$409.50 Regular Price CA$585.00
  4. Flared denim trousers

    Special Price CA$141.40 Regular Price CA$202.00
  5. Sleeveless top round neckline

    Special Price CA$116.90 Regular Price CA$167.00
  6. Printed pants

    Special Price CA$172.20 Regular Price CA$246.00
  7. Shawl collar jacket

    Special Price CA$277.20 Regular Price CA$396.00
  8. Printed skirt with elastic waistband

    Special Price CA$218.40 Regular Price CA$312.00
  9. Knee-length printed dress

    Special Price CA$259.00 Regular Price CA$370.00
  10. Short printed dress wing sleeves

    Special Price CA$255.50 Regular Price CA$365.00
  11. Printed shirt

    Special Price CA$154.00 Regular Price CA$220.00
  12. Fleece pants with turn-ups

    Special Price CA$135.80 Regular Price CA$194.00
  13. Long-sleeved blouse crossover front

    Special Price CA$237.30 Regular Price CA$339.00
  14. Shirt with flounces at sleeve ends

    Special Price CA$354.20 Regular Price CA$506.00
  15. Shirt with long wide sleeves

    Special Price CA$308.00 Regular Price CA$440.00
  16. Printed dress with belt

    Special Price CA$314.30 Regular Price CA$449.00
  17. Long-sleeved cardigan

    Special Price CA$305.20 Regular Price CA$436.00
  18. Sleeveless top with drapery on the back

    Special Price CA$175.70 Regular Price CA$251.00
  19. Printed palazzo pants

    Special Price CA$215.60 Regular Price CA$308.00
  20. Long-sleeved jacquard jacket

    Special Price CA$449.40 Regular Price CA$642.00
  21. Printed shirt 3/4 sleeves

    Special Price CA$231.00 Regular Price CA$330.00
  22. High-waisted skinny pants

    Special Price CA$116.90 Regular Price CA$167.00
  23. Printed pants

    Special Price CA$166.60 Regular Price CA$238.00
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