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  1. Long overcoat with eco-horsehide lapels

    Special Price RUB24,972.50 Regular Price RUB35,675.00
  2. Long dress with petticoat

    Special Price RUB13,167.00 Regular Price RUB18,810.00
  3. Long-sleeved jacket imitation horsehide

    Special Price RUB20,129.20 Regular Price RUB28,756.00
  4. Flared denim trousers

    Special Price RUB6,962.20 Regular Price RUB9,946.00
  5. Sleeveless top round neckline

    Special Price RUB5,751.20 Regular Price RUB8,216.00
  6. Printed pants

    Special Price RUB8,475.60 Regular Price RUB12,108.00
  7. Shawl collar jacket

    Special Price RUB13,621.30 Regular Price RUB19,459.00
  8. Printed skirt with elastic waistband

    Special Price RUB10,745.70 Regular Price RUB15,351.00
  9. Knee-length printed dress

    Special Price RUB12,713.40 Regular Price RUB18,162.00
  10. Short printed dress wing sleeves

    Special Price RUB12,561.50 Regular Price RUB17,945.00
  11. Printed shirt

    Special Price RUB7,567.70 Regular Price RUB10,811.00
  12. Fleece pants with turn-ups

    Special Price RUB6,659.10 Regular Price RUB9,513.00
  13. Long-sleeved blouse crossover front

    Special Price RUB11,653.60 Regular Price RUB16,648.00
  14. Shirt with flounces at sleeve ends

    Special Price RUB17,404.80 Regular Price RUB24,864.00
  15. Shirt with long wide sleeves

    Special Price RUB15,134.70 Regular Price RUB21,621.00
  16. Printed dress with belt

    Special Price RUB15,437.10 Regular Price RUB22,053.00
  17. Long-sleeved cardigan

    Special Price RUB14,983.50 Regular Price RUB21,405.00
  18. Sleeveless top with drapery on the back

    Special Price RUB8,626.80 Regular Price RUB12,324.00
  19. Printed palazzo pants

    Special Price RUB10,594.50 Regular Price RUB15,135.00
  20. Long-sleeved jacquard jacket

    Special Price RUB22,096.90 Regular Price RUB31,567.00
  21. Printed shirt 3/4 sleeves

    Special Price RUB11,351.20 Regular Price RUB16,216.00
  22. High-waisted skinny pants

    Special Price RUB5,751.20 Regular Price RUB8,216.00
  23. Printed pants

    Special Price RUB8,172.50 Regular Price RUB11,675.00
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