Always on the side of women, Manila Grace has created a capsule collection of extremely special t-shirts: ironic, courageous, to collect... With their irreverent messages they are a hymn to freedom for those who still have to fight for their rights to this day.

Part of the proceeds will be donated to support the charity project "LISTENING AND ACCOMPANIMENT: Proximity actions aimed at women victims of domestic violence", curated by the association  A.C.I.S.J.F. Protezione della Giovane based in Verona.

An important initiative in favor of women, also of those in charge of minors, who have suffered any form of domestic violence. Safety, educational support and childcare, accompaniment to work, but also psychological support to regain confidence and awareness of one's potential and resources: a fundamental path to help women face change, think about a new life project, imagine a future.

The T-shirts will be available starting from September 29th, Online and in all Manila Grace stores.