A fabric should tell a story

Vivaciously judicious. Ready for anything. Quietly determined to assert herself and never a slave to other people’s trends. This is the kind of woman in Manila Grace collections, who affirms a sense of style charged by contaminations and interactions, breathing life into enlivening creations. This is the woman proposed in the Manila Grace collections, who affirms a sense of style charged by contaminations, interactions and creations in motion. Concrete colors and often unstructured shapes, dyed and retouched fabrics, artfully painted, intertwined, mixed and knotted textiles.

A contemporary wardrobe including apparently simple informal garments hand in hand with elaborate detailing and haute couture undertones. Hand-crafted finishing, unpredictable cuts and fluid forms contribute to spontaneous-looking clothes, where prints express a timeless society and knits – featuring strongly in every collection – evolve through mixing unlikely colours and materials.

Manila Grace continues along the path of boosting and consolidating their image through new single-brand openings and by selecting and implementing new global partnerships that will extend product reach. All strategies of brand extension carried out with the goal of reinforcing and diversifying brand DNA, achieving full brand status and recognition, aspiring to cultural and lifestyle prestige and value thanks to rigorously Italian exceptional quality products.